Return your sleeping bags, soldiers, the Canadian Forces are running short

A news story that I researched, wrote, and conducted interviews for.


The story was shared nationally on CBC's News Alert Twitter and gained national attention.  It is about the Canadian Armed Forces sending out an internal call to thousands of service members to return their sleeping bags and rucksacks in an attempt to avoid a shortfall of equipment.

Turtle breeding site becomes construction zone in Dartmouth

A news story that I researched, wrote, filmed, and conducted field interviews for.


The story was about Halifax municipal workers have building a construction site on top of a snapping turtle nesting area. 

Build-A-Bear promotion stuffs hundreds of people into Dartmouth mall

A story that I wrote, and conducted both radio television field interviews for.

The story gained national attention and was featured on CBC's flagship television news show 'The National'. The Build-A-Bear store was offering an international promotion, which created mayhem at malls across the world.

Meet the man who just earned a fellowship to study magic in the U.K.

A story that I chased, wrote, and did radio interviews for.


This story gained national attention and was picked up by The Canadian Press and CBC's national newscasts. The story is about a man from Nova Scotia who received a fellowship to study magic in the U.K.

Rescue team frees 1st entangled whale since 2017 death of volunteer Joe Howlett

A story that I wrote and conducted an exclusive interview for, that was shared nationally.


The story featured the Campobello Whale Rescue Team on its first emergency response on the water since fellow rescuer Joe Howlett's death a year prior.

NOW Magazine Toronto 

A personal essay for NOW Magazine Toronto’s 2019 ‘Love Your Body’ Issue.

What it's like to be blocked by the President of the United States on Twitter

I piece I chased, wrote,  interviewed for, and produced for CBC Radio's Out in the Open.


It gained viral attention and was shared by CBC's national news alerts. The story features interviews I conducted with a White House reporter, a veteran, and a political activist about what it's like to be blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter.

Football player speaks out for first time since steroid scandal cost him his dream

A piece written about a Piya Chattopadhyay interview I produced with the first athlete in North America to test positively for Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Matt Socholotiuk.

Masculinity and Makeup

A piece written about masculinity in regards to wearing makeup for the CBC, featuring an interview with David Yi. Yi is the founder of Very Good Light, a Men's beauty publication.

Toxic Masculinity in the transgender community

A piece written about toxic masculinity in the transgender community for the CBC, featuring an interview with Chase Ross.

Hyphenated Canadian Identities

A piece written about hyphenated Canadian identities for an episode about what it means to be a hyphen. Nate Tabak is an American-Canadian trying to figure out his identity and the Canadian immigration system.

Six Charged in Ongoing Drug Trafficking Investigation

A breaking news story I wrote for Central Ontario Broadcasting.


Several residents of Central Ontario faced numerous charges following a three-month investigation on the distribution of illegal drugs in the Greater Simcoe Area.

Ontario Passes $15 Minimum Wage Increase

A breaking news story I wrote for Central Ontario Broadcasting.


The Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce is pushing against Bill 148, and urging people to write their MPPs with their concerns regarding the bill.

Vancouver Weekly Album Review // Millionyoung

A review  I wrote for Millionyoung's album 'Variable' when it was first released.

Vancouver Weekly Album Review // The Crackling

An album review I wrote for The Crackling's 'Mary Magdalene', when it was first released.

Nat Geo Live Review

An event review I wrote on a talk given by Amy Vitale as part of the Nat Geo Live Series.

5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do at NXNE

A blog post written in preparation for coverage of the North by North East concert series in Toronto.

5 Best Field Trip Festival Foods

Field Trip Festival Food Truck Review written as preparation for coverage of Field Trip Festival.

NXNE Festival Review

A festival review I wrote on some of the top Canadian highlights at the 2017 NXNE Portlands Festival.

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