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TV Demo Reel

My demo reel, with some highlights of my TV reporting over the past year.

First case of COVID-19 in the North // CBC News Network

My  national TV hit when Canada's northern territories had their first case of COVID-19 and Prime Minister Trudeau backs the move for the N.W.T. to close its border.


Yukon bans conversion therapy// CBC's The National

My piece for CBC's The Naitonal on a group of teenagers successfully lobbied the Yukon government to ban conversion therapy, the first territory to do so.


COVID-19 first wave in the North // CBC News Network

Network TV pan territorial wrap on what COVID-19 means in the North and concerns, also privacy vs. public health concerns when it comes to naming smaller communities.


Live TV hit N.W.T.  Legislative Assembly // CBC North

Live TV hit on CBC's Northbeat at the Northwest Territories legislative assembly, about the first cases of COVID-19 to hit the territory in months.

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Interview with N.W.T.'s CPHO Dr. Kami Kandola // CBC News Network

An interview with the Northwest Territories Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Kami Kandola, as the first wave of COVID-19 was hitting the territory about how she was balancing her personal life and a public health crisis.

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Yukon releases MMIWG2S+ strategy // CBC North

TV hit on CBC's Northbeat about Yukon becoming the first province or territory to release a MMIWG2S+ strategy in response to the National Inquiry's final report.

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Homeless shelter capacity in Yellowknife amid pandemic restrictions// CBC North

Advocates and shelter organizers raise concerns in Yellowknife around shelter capacity restrictions amid COVID-19 as winter comes to the N.W.T.

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NTPC confirms a 'cyber attack' // CBC North

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation  confirms 'cyber attack' from unknown source with RCMP investigating.

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Man's dying wish lives on in the roar of guns at Citadel Hill // CBC Nova Scotia

An original story of mine I reported on for CBC Nova Scotia. 

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Endometriosis Animation // CBC Radio

A video that I wrote and voiced for CBC Radio.

This video acquired international viral attention, and has reached over 600,000 people so far. The animation is by Ben Shannon.

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